Research Incentives Book

Designed for the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies at PSU

This was a long-term project created to provide information and promote research incentives and resources available to professors and students at Pittsburg State University. It was a long-term project because it probably had more different versions that any other project I worked on for this office.


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Graduate Programs Slideshow

Designed for the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies at PSU

This slideshow was created and updated by me for the Graduate Office to promote our catalog of graduate programs. We kept the slideshow on display in our office on a screen visible when you walk in, and we set it as a screensaver for the offices public computer. This was also the slideshow we would use at education and career fairs.

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The Spring Collection – 2014

Designed for various school projects while attending Pittsburg State University.

These are just a few of my favorite design-related school projects I created in the spring semester of 2014. These designs were made for 3 projects in two different classes.


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GoPro Advertising Brief

Designed an Advertising Campaigns class, while earning my MBA at Pittsburg State University.

This was a semester-long individual project that was designed to provide us with hands-on experience creating an advertising brief for a campaign that spanned multiple mediums including: publications, radio, TV, outdoor advertising, billboards, and new media. At the beginning of the course, each student in the class randomly given a brand or product that we would develop a variety of advertisements for throughout the semester. I was given GoPro.


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Custom Toaster Project

Designed as the Greatest Wedding Gift Toaster of All Time!

It started more as a joke: “If you invite me to your wedding, my gift will be a toaster.” Is there a more cliché wedding gift than that? So when my best friend asked me to be a part of his wedding, I had to follow through. So I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest toaster I could find. (Though, to be fair, I also gave them a very nice coffee maker.) Of course, I made a few customizations before wrapping it up…


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