MBA Association

Designed for the MBA Association at Pittsburg State University.

These are just a few of my favorite design projects I created in my two years as a member in the MBA Association at PSU.


The Details


I designed the AlumNight poster to accompany a proposal for the event it describes. It was just a quick mockup, as I expected there would be changes before we would be able to put the event together. I had hoped the contrast and “white space” might have helped it stand out against the wide array of competing posters with would be placed next to.


The Movie Night poster needs a little bit of background information. One of the classes in the MBA program at Pitt State required students to watch a specific, leadership themed movie each week, which would be discussed in class for participation points. It was a big part of the class and skipping a movie could have a major impact on your grade, but it wasn’t always easy for everyone to find a copy of the movie. The MBAA’s solution to that problem was to host a movie night each week featuring these movies. This poster was designed to promote that event. The poster obviously depicts a classic movie theater style with a marque, spotlights, and the movie posters. I made sure to include the dates for each movie so people could mark their calendars or whatever.



The T-Shirt was a requirement of our sponsorship agreement with Labette Bank, which I played an major role in securing. The front used the current slogan for the Kelce College of Business, while the back featured the combined Labette Bank & MBAA Logo, which I also put together.

In addition to the above items, I redesigned our web page, made a minor repair to our logo design, and designed a consistent format for documents like our agenda and meeting minutes. Before I left, I also put together a book and flash drive containing artwork, our plans and commitments for future semesters, a record of past meetings, a contact list of members and alumni, and everything else I could find that might be useful for future administrations. The MBAA never had anything like this before, and it was greatly needed in order to maintain continuity across semesters.