Research Incentives Book

Designed for the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies at PSU

This was a long-term project created to provide information and promote research incentives and resources available to professors and students at Pittsburg State University. It was a long-term project because it probably had more different versions that any other project I worked on for this office.


Here are my favorite versions:

The Process

The main concept with the semi-transparent layer over an image came from an alternative design option for another project. If you can’t tell, it’s inspired by iOS 7 (and 8).

I took most of the photos myself, especially in the final version. The multiple layers in the background made significant changes to copy and images extremely time extensive, but I believe the effect was well worth it. We ultimately decided on the final design in order to create a more monochromatic aesthetic. Personally, I prefer the the first version, but that might be because it provided a greater challenge to design for readability.