Lighthouse Plays Ad Campaign

Integrated digital campaign from the ground up

In the fall of 2023, I was a freelance contractor for a consulting firm that wanted pilot new marketing services for their clients. One of those clients was Lighthouse plays, a theater script publishing company that focused on adapting classical stories for modern audiences. What we had to start with was a website and plenty of photos for creatives, but we had a relatively low budget and limited analytics infrastructure. We started by identifying goals, KPIs, and audiences and built our integrated marketing strategy from the ground up.

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Balance Begins Broadsheet

Promotional broadsheet for in-world immersion

My freelance and entrepreneurial endeavors eventually led me to getting involved in developing story and marketing content for an augmented reality game startup. Through a strategic partnership, we secured a table at a local art fair and wanted to use it to build hype for the game we were developing. We had posters that would create an augmented reality effect when scanned with a phone, but with limited time and resources for testing our technology, we wanted to have additional material as a back up. After some brainstorming we landed on the idea of creating a in-universe broadsheet with various news articles, advertisements, hints at conspiracies, and even a political cartoon to introduce people to the fictional world we were creating and garner interest for out game.

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