K-State Microcredentials Website

Large, high visibility web project

After a year-long pilot project K-State officially launched its microcredential offerings and we needed a website to point campaigns to, provide information, and drive enrollment. When I was assigned the project there had been a few discussions and ideas in development. Starting from there, I coordinated with stakeholders, assembled a project team and setup a project timeline.

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Summer School 2020 Marketing

Pivoting summer school marketing for all online.

March 2020 presented new problems for all of us. We had already planned, prepared, and launched the beginning of our ad campaign for summer school when we got word that the campus would be closed for the summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We had to quickly pivot our messaging and strategy to promote an online-online summer experience and increase our efforts to maintain enrollment, all while adjusting to new remote work processes.

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