Movie Cards (In the Works)

Personal project, still in the works.

Over the years, I’ve developed an extensive digital movie library. It’s gotten a bit too large for guests to browse through the library itself. To solve this problem, I’ve started a project to physically display my movie library in an organized and expandable manner for guests to browse. I am creating custom designed cards (the size of a business card) that can be displayed in a Rolodex or something similar in a manner where I can easily group them into genres and sort alphabetically. I’m also using designs that can be easily scaled to print as movie posters.


The Details


I decided to start with the Back to the Future series using iconic objects and/or scenes from the movies. I have just finished the first design. All movies will get a similar minimalist design treatment. It is also my intent to develop more iconography experience working on this project. Depending on the Rolodex or display piece I find (or make), I may or may not include a description on the reverse side of the card. This is the first version.


Later I revised the design into something even simpler. I only have one movie card designed so far, but I’m going to try to make a few each week. When I have enough to fill up an 11×17 sheet of paper, I’ll get them printed.

I’ve had put this project on hold for the time being, but expect more movie cards/posters in the future, as well as the final implementation once I have enough designs.