Airplane Dominoes

Designed for Graphic Design Class while studying Commercial Graphics at PSU.

To this day, this has always been one of my favorite projects. The project was simple, design a vintage looking package for a set of Double Six Airplane Dominoes. I love vintage design, so this was an assignment I was anxious to work on. I had been hearing about the project for about a year from other classes, and I couldn’t wait!


The Details



So years of waiting and it was finally my time to take on the project. I sketched up a few different ideas, but in the end, I was inspired by the original monopoly box. So that’s where the color scheme comes from. I also wanted some artwork to work with the airplane theme. I chose to a propeller icon for this. The rest just fell into place.

Of course, this was early in my design career. If could do it again (and I might), I would probably make a few changes. I may change the “Airplane Dominoes” font to a different sans-serif font. I’m not really a fan of that font anymore. I would also adjust the space that the words “Airplane Dominoes” take up to improve the balance inside the two bars. I might also try adding motion trails to the propeller blades. That white space is also calling to me…