FSCC Logo Design

Designed for Graphic Design Class while studying Commercial Graphics at PSU.

Pittsburg State has a very respected graphic design program. As such, it is very common that local businesses and organizations offer project opportunities to classes and students. One of those projects came from Fort Scott Community College (FSCC). They were looking for a new logo and came to us for ideas. Each student in the Graphic Design class designed a unique logo and presented them to the class. We picked our favorites and sent them to FSCC. This was the logo I designed.


The Details

FSCC’s mascot is a greyhound, and their previous logo was a blatant copy of the Greyhound Bus logo, hence why they were looking to change it. They gave us notes on what they wanted as well. They still liked having the greyhound in the logo, with “FSCC” or “Ft. Scott Community College”. Preferring simplicity, I chose to create a outline of the greyhound and use custom lettering for the “FSCC” abbreviation. I stand by this design today, although, I am compelled to try it again with thinner lights and some minor adjustments to the lettering.