Why Not Composition



I needed an inspiration so I used another one of my potential career pursuing skill sets to write a brief story outline to which I could compose for. This story is called Judgement. More songs from this soundtrack will come soon.

Instrument of Judgement

It opens with "Instrument of Judgement" where the protagonist is suffering from insomnia on a cruise ship. He walks up to the main deck to notice a strange storm rapidly approaching the ship. Quickly the ship is struggling to stay afloat in the storm and is struck by lightning. Finally an unnaturally large wave topples the ship.

Illusion of Choice

The story immediately continues with "Illusion of Choice" where the protagonist is rescued and integrated into a floating city on the ocean. He is given the choice to work for the corrupt leader of the city, Joseph Eiden, or death.

Rise to Power

The third song of this soundtrack is "Rise to Power" where the Protagonist has his first chance to prove himself on the exciting and dangerous streets.