Why Not Composition

Composition Portfolio


Welcome to the Composition section of my portfolio. Composition is bit of a hobby of mine. I like the challenge of creating something original and moving. I try to incorporate as much variety as I can in my music. Feel free to listen to my work from the playlist to the right or by visiting the media section to listen to selected tracks from individual albums. If you would like to leave feedback or are interested in using or purchasing my music, then head on over to the contact page. I appreciate all feedback.

A Short Ride Through a Portal to a Haunted Landscape Full of Stars

I composed this little piece for my first semester of composition class. The title says it all. It incorporates ideas from most of the pieces we studied that year including "A Short Ride in a Fast Machine" by John Adams, "A Haunted Landscape" by George Crumb, and "Saturn" by Gustav Holst, as well as a song from the video game Portal 2 titled "Cara Mia", which we didn't study in class. It is orchestrated for a piano duet.

Judgement Soundtrack

I needed an inspiration so I used another one of my potential career pursuing skill sets to write a brief story outline to which I could compose for. This story is called Judgement. It opens with "Instrument of Judgement" where the protagonist is suffering from insomnia on a cruise ship. He walks up to the main deck to notice a strange storm rapidly approaching the ship. Quickly the ship is struggling to stay afloat in the storm and is struck by lightning. Finally an unnaturally large wave topples the ship. The story immediately continues with "Illusion of Choice" where the protagonist is rescued and integrated into a floating city on the ocean. He is given the choice to work for the corrupt leader of the city, Joseph Eiden, or death. The third song of this soundtrack is "Rise to Power" where the Protagonist has his first chance to prove himself on the exciting and dangerous streets. More songs from this soundtrack will come soon.